AI/ML. Big Data. Does it “MADA”?

I don’t know, but it felt nice to mention my dad.

The Solution (If We Decide that We Need One)I think it would help the field of data science if we standardize on a name for helping people make their important decisions.

Maybe it’s okay with most people to go with the flow of whatever buzzwords rise and fall.

It’s like enjoying a day at the beach — you never know what the next wave will bring in with it, as well as how big or small the wave will be.

As for me, I prefer paddling a canoe on a serene lake, where I won’t get seasick from the rolling waves.

So, I realize this is subjective, and my hopes on this topic are probably not shared by the majority of data science practitioners or data science end-users.

Does it MADA?Yes, MADA, in terms of data science, is probably a new acronym for you.

It is for me, too.

That’s because I made it up only today.

It stands for “Machine Aided Decision Analytics”.

I propose MADA as a common term for the field that encompasses all computer-assisted methods for helping people make decisions.

Do I think it will stick?.Probably not.

I’m realistic.

After all, a four-letter acronym is significantly harder than a two-letter acronym for people to remember what the letters stand for.

For example, nobody has trouble remembering that AI is “Artificial Intelligence” or that ML is “Machine Learning”.

But I can understand if someone were to forget that MADA means “Machine Aided Decision Analytics” because there are several things that “A” and “D” can stand for in this general field.

Some may interpret MADA as “Machine Assisted Data Analysis” or something similar.

Yeah, I’m sure that would happen.

Still, wouldn’t it be truly helpful if we could standardize on a name?.

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